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What do Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney have in common?
February 4, 2021 Comments..0

Are they both intending to run for president?

With his support and defence of Liz Cheney yesterday, Mitch McConnel informally announced his intention to run for the presidency, while turning his back on the former President and leader of his party. Or, is the Republican party really his party?

As David Smith of The Guardian International Edition wrote about McConnell: [It was, as New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo observed, “one of the really dumb ideas of all time”. Larry Hogan, his counterpart in Maryland, called it “complete nonsense”. Congressman Pete King of New York said it was the work of the “Marie Antoinette of the Senate”.]

Of course, as we all know, David Smith and the Guardian are supporters of the Democratic party, and as such we need to take anything they say with a grain of salt, if not utter disbelief. Nevertheless, there is some validity in Mr. Smith’s comments. Mitch McConnell indeed has bungled his way throughout the last 4 years. This leads us to wonder seriously, is he really intending to run for the Presidency. More guffaw! Probably a couple of grade school kids running a small business as shoe-shine boys would have a much better chance of success.

Now turning our attention to Don Lemon of CNN, and his tabloid daily commentary focusing exclusively on anything and everything against Donald Trump and the Republicans, we wonder why he is so profoundly interested in making up as much dirt against them as possible? And now that his good friend of similar orientations Pete Buttigieg has been sworn in as Transportation Secretary, these two co-horts can indeed hold hands as they expound on the inefficacies of the former President. Even more guffaw! Hopefully they will “transport” themselves into some other type of work, because they are not that good at what they are presently attempting to do.

Then we must also mention Chris Comeau of CNN, who professes great admiration and indeed love for Don Lemon. We’re left to wonder what else they have in common, apart from their undying hatred for the former President. Don Lemon of course gushes daily in expressing his dissaproval with extreme lobbying tactics against anything Donald Trump. Now he too has learned to stutter, like his bench person, what’s her name Brianna Keilar?

Ms. Keilar emphasizes her dires w-w-w-with a few s-s-s-stutters which she often and profusely inserts in her tabloid-like commentaries, while often citing her own truthfullness and at the same time reverberating tirelessly on the “lies” of everything Trump. She definitely has an agenda which is shared by the Tabloid, her employer.

And so, returning our attention to Mitch McConnell, we’re left to ponder what he might do to redeem himself. Maybe just quit and go back to shining shoes?

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