CNN Tabloid Exposed

In a desperate attempt to attribute the American uprising to Donald Trump, CNN tabloidessponders, led b-b-b-b-by Erin Burnett, s-s -s -tuttering and gushing all over herself, are feverishly airing all the scenes of the uprising and falsely (a word they use often) calling it the Donald Trump uprising.


Obviously CNN would not publish the fact that the crowds are unwilling to accept the constant (4 years plus) 24/7 bashing of President Donald Trump in a tabloid style opinionated coverage by so-called correspondents and guests reading scripts on a screen, such scripts meticulously made up by the management. 

That management, together with Social Media giants Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and their ties to Chinese interests, and Chinese money, are doing everything they can to censor the news the public receives while advancing the efficiency of the puppet President they imposed on the people. 

How else could you explain why thousands of people, people who honestly and truly care about their country, their freedom and the “verily” dissemination of information, would gather in such enormous numbers to demonstrate their dissatisfaction.

And it would appear that they have every right to be totally dissatisfied with the resulting puppet installation of a President with proven ties to the Chinese “politburo”, a President who has engaged in quid pro quo, a President who has been financed by foreign interests, and a President who has diverted Chinese money to his family while selling out America.

It would be inconceivable that the downfall of the most powerful nation in the world would be so ingenuously guided by one man. Yet, here we are, with armed militia, national guard and police policing the population like never before. Here we are with social media censoring tweets and posts while eliminating any profile that disagrees with “their” views and “their” agenda. Here we are with armed militia beating upon innocent protesters, all vastly and “gushingly” approved and advised by Erin Burnett and a h-h-h-host of other would be news podcasters and tabloid “exponientors” starting at the top with Anderson Cooper, and followed in a reverberating chorus by Chris Comeau and Don Lemon together with a willing subordinate group, a list too long to mention here.

To be fair, with viewership declining rapidly and the imminent fall from relevance, CNN is trying desperately to maintain focus on the one person that has provided them with anything more than the very “boring” new guy, you know Mr. I really care about you, and my pocketbook as well as my son’s. Mr. you know, I’m going to give it to you straight, the news is not good. Like as if he was about to tell people something they didn’t already know. Like as if the fact that he so earnestly cares, with such solemn air and posture, has anything to do with actually solving any problems.

But at least there are a bunch of people at CNN devoted to convincing the rest of us that this “savior” is truly the answer to all our problems. One can only respond with one word, a very demonstrative gufffffaw, give me a break!

And really, what has he done? The first thing he did is give a resounding slap in the face to his closest and arguably most important ally and supporter. Would that be Canada, by any chance? Then he cancelled the building of the wall and deportation orders. Now that was certainly a great help to all the unemployed Americans, more guffaw. Then he extended moratorium on evictions. I mean, why should anybody pay rent? While doing this, he is giving enormous “incentive” payments to everybody, thereby putting everyone in more debt and dissuading anybody from going back to work. Now that’s certain to make Mr. boring more popular right there. Certainly this is a genius at work, a person of great caring and insight. More guffaw!

What’s left to be seen is when Americans will wake up in numbers and evict this impostor. And, it would appear that the first steps are already in progress in the form of an “impeachment”? Hopefully there are a few Democrats who care more about their country than Mr. Boring’s China financed pocketbook. And, by the way, if they don’t believe this article, simply watch the documentary called “The Biden Crime Family”. Then go forth, and remove this impostor!

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