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Republicans vote to become obsolete today
February 4, 2021 Comments..0

With their vote to allow Liz Cheney to continue in her position, Republicans took a small step towards irrelevance and a huge step towards obsolescence. 

With this betrayal of their obvious and continued leader, a fact which no-one in their right mind would disagree with, it would be certain that at this time Donald Trump would be more inclined to form another party than continue with these obvious losers who are unwilling to accept the obvious. The obvious namely would be that they are going nowhere without Donald Trump at the helm.

Consider that if Donald Trump does, and he surely will, form his own party, just how many people will be left to vote for the Republicans? Or the Re-who party? Maybe about two handfulls, if not one. Liz Cheney affixed her signature to the exit doors, but the Republicans didn’t have the guts to make her pay for her debacle. Instead they decided to pay for it themselves. A truly absurd and disoriented group of goody-goody two shoe shoeshine boys at work doing what they do best . . . shine shoes while daydreaming about bigger things and better days. 

Most remarkably, they seem to believe that they will win the house in 2022, a feat which after todays debacle would appear to be highly impossible. Consider the millions of people who voted for Donald Trump, and by the way, who still believe that he was robbed of a sure win, with mounting evidence in support of that almost obvious fact. How many, err I mean, how few would venture to vote for a new Republican leader. One would hope that the leader of the house, who’s that McCarthy, is not contemplating taking on that position! 

Nothing quite like diving head first into a battle you can’t win!

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