CNN Tabloid Exposed

You know when CNN wants to interview a Republican representative, that representative will have nothing good to say about Donald Trump, eh? Am I right this time? And Nancy Mace did not dissapoint CNN. The unknown and inexperienced newcomer stated in response to loaded questioning, that she believes her party (or the party she believes should go along with the Democratic dirty work) should start a new direction without Donald Trump. Now if that’s the type of player you want on your team, then you’re all set for failure, just as sure as this frivolous newcomer is sure to vanish into obscurity in the very near future.

Undoubtedly, Miss or Mrs. Mace has not witnessed the army of demonstrators who risked their lives, their reputations and their freedom in support of the man she wishes to replace. 

In an interview well orchestrated and surely written by CNN writers, Nancy Pelosi, err, I mean Nancy Mace deliberated on her view of a united and direction oriented Republican party which she was told would be better led by someone else. (Hopefully she’s not intending to run for president.)

Now in fairness to Mace, not the product but the person, she is relatively young and probably doesn’t know what she is doing. I say probably in a gratuitous manner, because there is not much doubt that she is unwittingly more than willing to carry on the motivation of the opposing party. And, when I say unwittingly, I do mean with very little wit, very apparently to wit.

I suppose, if the Republicans want to transpose themselves into obscurity and irrelevance, all they really need is a couple more people like Nancy Mace, I think.

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