CNN Tabloid Exposed

Do two nobodys make a somebody?

Written by: candyflakes

Short Answer: No. However, over at CNN, there are two candidates for this dubious parallel. With Chris Comeau and Don Lemon falling over each other in their zealous lambasting of the President Donald J. Trump, it would appear that they themselves at the very least are convinced. And, so ugly is their continuous rhetoric, that they have obviously whipped the American public into a frenzy. No longer are Americans willing to stand by while their President is scorned and accused of every possible wrongdoing. It would appear that the populus has had enough. As the old expression goes, enough now!

Now with mounting evidence that the election was indeed fixed and stolen, with proof being exhibited all over the internet, the Democrats, are feverishly rushing to impeach the President again. 

Now their biggest fear and problem has transpired. The people have shown great disdain and disapproval in protests which have turned ugly to say the least. Still Nancy Pelosi and company are forging ahead, not concerned with the fact that they are placing the people and themselves in great danger. They are CALLING ON THE ARMY to help them, and they feel empowered by the fact that this army will impose their will, NOT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Little does Nancy Pelosi care that her witch hunt is leading to civil unrest. Her agenda during the last four years, and more predominant now, is all she cares about.

And now that the Democrats, together with corporate America, CNN, and Nancy Pelosi have been successful in carrying out a coup to take over the country, it would appear that their success in doing so has left a bitter taste in the mouths of millions of Americans. So much so, that there is talk of armed revolt in view of the fact that fair and just diplomacy has failed them.

Nevertheless, the scam forges ahead. And CNN will be the last to admit that they are in fact the single most obvious and prominent reason for the terror which is ensuing.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, one can tune in to CNN and hear a constant lambasting or the President. Some of the words being used by so called announcers at CNN both male and female, are unsavory.

Now anyone can see that all the announcers and paid guest speakers are reading a script which is placed slightly to the side of the camera. So it would appear that the tabloid, err I mean news station, is engineering all the tabloid stories and commentaries in a well prepared litany of accusations against the President.

While all this is going on, the blame for any and all future mob insurgence is being preemptively attributed to the same President Donald J. Trump. Nay will CNN and the Democrats ever admit that their thefts and rhetoric would appear to be the incendiary catapult to the advancement of this unrest. And now, instead of calming their rhetoric and allowing things to go forward smoothly, they are calling on the National Guard, the Police, the FBI, the Army, the Navy Seals and everything in between to safeguard and support them.

This is a coup being carried out in front of our very eyes. God help us. God bless America.

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