CNN Tabloid Exposed

While CNN announcers are flagrantly and arduously attacking President Donald Trump, pushing and imploring V.P. Pence to do their dirty work, and promulgating the idea of invoking the 25th amendment while also pleading for impeachment, angry supporters of the President are again planning revolts in all 50 states.

Still CNN is not easing up on their rhetoric which is obviously pre-planned and pre-written by someone far above the pundits that read the scripts during their tabloid story announcements. From the over-paid head honchos like Anderson Cooper, to the lowly boiler room boys like Chris Comeau and Don Lemon (both aspiring to make the big bucks), together with all the supporting (OR SUPPORTED) sugar girls expounding vehement one after another 24/7, these tabloid propagators have driven the American people into a frenzy with their ongoing attack on a STILL EXTREMELY POPULAR President.

Moreover, now Vice-Traitor Pence has crossed over to the Democratic side, as evidenced by all the fist pumping the Democrats are giving him, not to mention that they are inviting him only to attend the so-called inauguration, probably more abundantly labelled “the coup party”, they, the Democrats, would like him to do more to advance their agenda. Could he invoke the 25th, and, could he vote to impeach the President? A new low has been struck in American politics, an abyss where the Vice-President is actually cooperating with the opposition rather than supporting his President. No Vice-President has ever stooped to such a base and despicable undertaking.

It would have been so easy for V.P. Pence to refuse to accept the votes from the seven states which turned in double results. It was his duty to do so. And, with the mounting evidence all over the internet pointing to inconsistencies and outright theft in the election results, one would think that he would have done the right thing. But instead, he turned his back on the one man he was sworn in to support. It is with much doubt and extreme reservation that he should ever contemplate moving up towards the Presidency, because the American people have good memories.

Of course, corporate America, and most especially the social media giants, who have placed their puppet so-called president, a poor unwitting Joe Biden, into a role he can so incapably carry out, are more responsible than CNN for these misgivings. They have obviously bought out the Democratic Party, CNN, the courts, the judges, and everybody in between so that they can make more MONEY. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the growing demonstrations, they could not buy out the American people, even though they attempted to do so with a $2,000 gift.

We can only hope that somehow the warrior which is Donald J. Trump, can save us from this corporate dictatorship.

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