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Erin Burnett’s stuttering, gushing, lambasting comedy tabloid show
February 16, 2021 Comments..0
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Erin Burnett's stuttering, gushing, lambasting comedy tabloid show

According to CNN’s Erin Burnett, w-w-w-wwell y-y-y-you know Joe Biden (my darling puppet president) won by a-a-a-almost 79 bllion votes a-a-a-at my last count.

Although she stutters and stumbles all over her words a lot, she does have a knack for asking leading questions, to which her paid guests immediately agree and start reading the prepared scripts on the screen in front of them. These carefully prepared scripts reinforce her leading question and elaborate on same.

It seems that CNN management’s worse fear is the return of Donald Trump, a real President, not a puppet. And in an attempt to avoid this calamity, all their announcers are strenuously lambasting and threatening the former President with censorship, legal action, inquest, commission and just about everything but a lynching.

One thing that Burnett and company have not considered is commenting on the failures and negligence of their heralded leader. Somehow, in their glee in lambasting the former President, they have forgotten to mention any of the shortcomings of the new guy. And of course, they are paid handsomely to maintain the front, hold the fort, keep the new guy out of the bad light. Obviously they have all been well schooled, just concentrate on accusing the former President of all and every wrongdoing, and leave our puppet alone.

Now a lot of people have been convinced, surprisingly enough, even a few GOP senators, who are undoubtedly getting their news from CNN.

Admittedly, we would not expect CNN to blame themselves and their continuous biased broadcast for infuriating the millions of supporters of the former President. Nor would they blame themselves for all the lies and exaggerations they purport to be absolute truth. And of course, they give prime time to anyone who accuses any Republican of being a “coward” as the ever verbose Nancy Pelosi would put it. Certainly this top Democrat has an elaborate vocabulary consisting of two words coward and liar, whoopie. Imagine that in a house where there are 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, this weirdo has the final word in breaking a tie . . . heeeeelp!

Now there is one person challenging for the crown of badmouthing, introducing CNN’s Erin Burnett.

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