Erin Burnett’s stuttering, gushing, lambasting comedy tabloid show

Erin Burnett’s stuttering, gushing, lambasting comedy tabloid show According to Burnett, w-w-w-wwell y-y-y-you know Joe Biden (my darling puppet president) won by a-a-a-almost 79 bllion votes a-a-a-at my last count. Although she stutters and stumbles all over her words a lot, she does have a knack for asking leading questions, to which her paid guests […]

What do Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney have in common?

Are they both intending to run for president? With his support and defence of Liz Cheney yesterday, Mitch McConnel informally announced his intention to run for the presidency, while turning his back on the former President and leader of his party. Or, is the Republican party really his party? As David Smith of The Guardian […]

Republicans vote to become obsolete today

With their vote to allow Liz Cheney to continue in her position, Republicans took a small step towards irrelevance and a huge step towards obsolescence.¬† With this betrayal of their obvious and continued leader, a fact which no-one in their right mind would disagree with, it would be certain that at this time Donald Trump […]

Is Nancy Pelosi running the government?

Do two nobodys make a somebody? Written by: candyflakes Short Answer: No. However, over at CNN, there are two candidates for this dubious parallel. With Chris Comeau and Don Lemon falling over each other in their zealous lambasting of the President Donald J. Trump, it would appear that they themselves¬†at the very least are convinced. […]

A President Vanquished

Well it looks like the wig-wearing henchmen of CNN with mounds of hair taped to their foreheads, a generous amount of makeup and lipstick