CNN Tabloid Exposed

A President Vanquished

By: DoctorX

 Well it looks like the wig-wearing henchmen of CNN with mounds of hair taped to their foreheads, a generous amount of makeup and lipstick, together with their female assassins, all looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed while spewing vehement against the former President on a constant 24/7 basis, were successful in ousting the former President. And this, after dogging him during the entire course of his presidency, again on a 24/7 basis. Now you would think that they would knock it off now that he has lost the election, you know, as the old expression goes, like flogging a dead horse. But no. The vehement continues. And you would think that this type of harrassment and bashing would put them and CNN the tabloid err, I mean news station, in a position of legal liability. But apparently in the US of A, this type of personal attack is permissible, I guess.

And now they’re all smiles and gloating, while hardly maintaining themselves from outright laughter while they expound on the worthiness and benevolent qualities of their newly elected hero. Of course, after all he has already taken a formidable step in solving all the problems at hand. He immediately said he would create a task force to handle the ongoing epidemic. Now that’s new and hasn’t been done before, eh?¬† So new that he hasn’t managed to start yet.

While this love affair goes on again 24/7, I wonder when they will realize that the new guy’s popularity is a lot lower that they think, and already there appears to be some flaws in the armor of this smiling and hand-waving persona. With wild promises of unifying America, eliminating prejudism, making America great again, bringing wealth and prosperity back to the lower class American, solving the problems of the atmosphere while at the same time bringing back the economy, I wonder how long it will be before everyone realizes that what they have on hand is a whole lot of promisses and not much in the way of solutions. This may not be someone who gets anything done!
After all, nothing has changed, nothing has gotten better, and alarmingly, it would seem that nothing will get better, under his valiant leadership. Oh and I forgot, he’s going to create a task force. We do give him this. He has a penchant for preaching, scolding and finger pointing, and does this with a sincere and rightful air of benevolence. Would have been a great preacher.

Of course, while bashing all the policies implemented by the past President, especially the efficacy of the medications and vaccines put forward as being imminent, the wig-wearing henchmen of CNN (giggle giggle I couldn’t resist, I recall them asking Donald Trump to prove his hair was real) are now expounding on the good and efficient efficacy of these solutions, as if their new man had somehow created and made way for same. But, I believe it was the same Donald Trump that they are constantly bashing, that made way for these solutions to be advanced at a rate never before seen (warp speed).

Now, we don’t want to appear to be supporters of this man, who gave his heart and soul, to the creation of wealth and prosperity for the entire nation, however, at the same time, we have to acknowledge the problems that he took on, on all fronts, while successfully managing to keep all foreign adversaries at bay.

While he stuggled with an imminent pandemic, CNN and the entire Democratic association were trying to impeach the former President. Little did they care about the fact that he was trying to solve this global problem, while keeping the economy going at the same time. They had him in court day after day, accusation after accusation. And now, the new guy, after dogg-tailing the former President during the entire four years, together with his wig-wearing henchmen over at CNN, with great animosity, is asking both sides to work together to unify the country. Certainly all participants will forgive and forget, duh, eh? And the new guy claims that this is his greatest asset, his ability to unify the country, and make great things happen once more. What great things more exactly is he going to do? Besides smile and hand-wave some more that is.
Centainly the warrior that was Donald Trump, while battling these elements and adversaries on all fronts, maintained his staunch belief in the efficacy of his nation, and the strengh and resilience of the population. And, while everyone was hum-hawing about what to do, he took steps never before envisaged, and shut down the entire country, entire air travel, schools and everything in between. We wonder if the goody goody two-shoes new guy would have had the guts to do anything of the sort. And we ask this, because it is now time to do the same, and the new guy is too busy hand-waving and making promisses, while smiling from ear to ear, as if he had already accomplished great things with his promisses. Well, at least they certainly think so over at CNN the tabloid agency fronting as a news station, where all the pundits, male and female, and of mixed orientations are already lauding the greatness past and present of their heralded successor.
History will certainly reflect on the warrior that was Donald Trump. And we fear that it may also reflect on the failure that will almost certainly come to pass with the newcomer and all his promisses.

We must also acknowledge some errors made by Donald Trump. And, the greatest one was believing whoever advised him that he could somehow dissallow mail-in voting, and telling his followers not to vote by mail. Probably one of the people he fired recently. Imagine telling his supporters not to vote by that avenue. Duh, I only want you to vote at the poling stations, no matter how sick you are, how impossible it is, or how fearfull you are of the pandemic! Double duh? This single error caused him the loss of his presidency, a prize which he certainly could not lose otherwise. There were countless other small errors, which were mostly made in an effort to harmonize the handling of the epidemic with his desire to maintain the economy and win the imminent election. As it turned out, these were his undoing.
However, we must bear in mind, that while all this was going on, his achievements on all fronts were enormous. Donald Trump simply got things done. He fired a few people along the way. People that stood in his way, pertaining to want to do good and right. But he took on all adversaries, fearlessly.

We applaud the greatness of this warrior, and look forward to the future, and his return to lead the army one more time.

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